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PROGEAR® Prescription Swim Goggles - Headband (Large)

PROGEAR® Prescription Swim Goggles - Headband (Large)

Made in durable, hypo-allergenic silicone
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How to Assemble?

Follow the below video to assemble and adjust headband length.


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    E-Optician is the original patent owner and manufacturer of the renowned PROGEAR® brand. This means that we are the only store offering the widest selection of style, color, and size options that you will not find anywhere else.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 359 reviews
david berger

I have only had used them twice and I had a problem with water infiltration on my right eye. Is there a solution

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out. Water leakage on your right eye could be likely the result of the rubber rim not fixed properly on the eye cup. Those rubber rims are designed to be detachable for cleaning purpose. To fix them back properly, you can refer to this video:

In case this still does not work, please wear the goggles and take pictures, front and side. Then email to and our optician will help you to diagnose the problem and fix for you.

Thanks and regards,
Lak | E-optician

Lindsey Brown
Excellent Investment!

We purchased these swim goggles for our son, and we have been beyond impressed. Great quality. He said it’s absolutely day and night difference with his confidence in the pool. 10/10 would fecommend!

Dan S.
Excellent Clarity with Prescription and Great Quality Goggles

I was amazed at how well I could see with these goggles. I am normally very sensitive to the PD and if it's off, then I get dizzy. I did not have any issue with this. My vision is exactly the same as my daily wear glasses. I love these! I was worried about the high cost, but in the end I would pay again for a new set without hesitation. I realized the other day that it's been almost 36 years since I was able to see clearly under water. It was a neat feeling when I put my head under water and could clearly see clearly for the first time in my adult life!

David Beckoff

Great product delivered in time

Perfect Goggles for High Prescription

I have -14.50 prescription and haven't learnt to swim properly. With these goggles I've started swimming classes - 3 weeks in and no complaints. Exactly what I've been looking for at a reasonable price!

Doreen Garcia

Grandson is so happy that he can see now when he goes swimming

Daniela P
Great custom fit prescription goggles

I needed a prescription swimming goggles for my 12y old son. It was a smooth order due to user friendly web site and an awesome customer service. The goggles fit perfect and my son finally enjoys the water. It only took 2 weeks to get it.

Jody Holmes
Prescription Goggles Game changer

Prescription goggles are a game changer for me . These are my first ever pair! I am an open water swimmer with an extreme astigmatism -4.75 and -5.00 , not an easy prescription to get right. Astigmatism causes lots of distortion and movement , that combined with the ocean waves was an impossible combination. I now enjoy a smooth swim, no more dizziness, I can see all of the sea life under and above the water! It has been so amazing to have these goggles you cannot even imagine! They don’t leak and fit well!
to! Highly recommend

Kathy Desisto
Very helpful for a low vision boy

One of my grandsons is very low vision and he could never play the pool game where you find things on the bottom with the other kids. Last year I got him a prescription mask with snorkel which he loved because he could see in the pool. This year he wants to do swim team so I got him the goggles. I want him to see but look like the other kids. I did ask him not to lose his goggles since they were expensive. I justified the cost because it is a quality of life thing for him.

Rosi B

Our 12 year old son seemed to be losing interest in the pool due to poor visibility underwater. Once he started wearing his prescription goggles, he wouldn't come out! This has made a massive difference and we are so grateful!