PROGEAR Eyeguard sports glasses and sports goggles comes in many sizes and colors. Fits kids, teens and adults.

Helping Athletes Across The Globe!

E-Optician is a sports vision specialist with patented sports glasses technologies and state-of-the-art sports lens fabrication facilities.

Starting the business as a small group of ambitious certified opticians, we founded the PROGEAR® brand with the goal of being a one-stop shop covering the prescription and non-prescription needs of athletes across the world.

How PROGEAR® Started...

For a long time, we operated as a manufacturer and supplied our PROGEAR® brand to over 10,000 professional optometrists, including some of the largest names and most recognizable optical chains in the world such as Boots Opticians, Vision Express & Specsavers.

Unfortunately, most of the optometrists that we partnered with do not carry the most complete collection of our sports glasses, so our online website (E-Optician) is a complementary tool to showcase to you, the consumer, our most complete collection.

Factory Direct to Customer

A big portion of physical optometrists do not like to carry sports glasses as they do not specialize in sports wrap lenses which need advanced lens fabrication technologies. If you happen to find a local sports specialist, they will surely provide you with the best in-person experience, but they are extremely difficult to find.

As manufacturers of our own brand, we offer the most competitive prices and gives you the opportunity to purchase at a fraction of the cost than what you would find at any other retail outlet.

Order From Certified Opticians

We, as a group of certified opticians, take frame & lens quality very seriously so you can be assured that:

1. Your order will be carefully verified by our opticians to ensure that we get your order right the first time. 

2. Genuine frame & lens product direct from our factories and laboratories.

3. Finished frames will be packaged and delivered in perfect condition.

4. You'll receive the same high quality we offer our 10,000+ optometrists worldwide.

We'll Look After You!

We know that a lot of orders will be bought as first-time orders from us and so we make sure that our delivery and returns policies are designed to look after the customer at all times. If you have any concerns with your order, please let us know and we will go the next mile to help you out.

Have a question, an issue with your order, or you just want to say hello to our opticians?

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PROGEAR® Racer is designed for all athletes and all sports.

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