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PROGEAR® Anti-Fog for Glasses - GEL

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PROGEAR® Anti-Fog Gel  |  Anti-Fog Wipes

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 Ranked Best by The Guardian News

No Foggy Glasses with Masks

Why Anti-Fog is Awesome

PROGEAR® Anti-Fog Gel for Glasses Ranked Best On The Guardian: 

"It's hard to believe I went months before trying this gel, and given it's cheaper than the somewhat less effective spray, I'll be recommending it to every four-eyes I see in the street." - Elias Visontay, The Guardian Reporter (2021) - Read Full Article

PROGEAR® Anti-Fog Gel for Glasses - The Quick and Sustainable Solution: 

PROGEAR® Anti-Fog Gel has become a widely demanded product in the wake of mandatory face mask rules. Our Anti-Fog Gel and Anti-Fog Wipes was created with a new and improved formula that is free from PFAS (PFOA & PFOS), which are a group of chemicals that can lead to serious health issues such as cancer and hormone disruption. With PROGEAR® Anti Fog Gel, you can apply with peace of mind and without hesitation. 

PROGEAR® Anti Fog Gel is the best anti fog gel for glasses. Our anti fog gel provides a transparent anti-fog coating which is designed to keep your glasses lenses free from fogging up to 24 hours.


Anti-Fog Gel for Glasses - Features & Benefits:

  • 5g Anti-Fog Gel + Synthetic Chamois Cleaning Cloth
  • 100+ applications 
  • Safe for all lens materials including multi-coated
  • Lasts 24 hours 
  • New and improved formula PFAS free (PFOA & PFOS). Eco-friendly and toxic free.
  • No alcohol

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Please Note (if you choose prescription lens): 
For orders including sports prescription lenses, please note the lenses you ordered are special lenses with sports wrap geometry and require advanced digital fabrication which will take 4-7 additional days.

How to Use

1. Open the cap and gently cut off the tip of the tube to release the gel.

2. Apply only a tiny drop on each lens for best results. A single unit/box of Anti-Fog Gel holds up to 100 applications. 1 application per day is recommended.

3. Gently wipe the entire lens with the Chamois Cloth provided to ensure proper anti-fog results. DO NOT use a different microfiber cloth.

4. Apply on both sides of the lenses.


[Q] Can I use it for any glasses? 
[A] Yes, it is designed with a new and improved PFAS free formula that can be applied to all glasses, eyewear, and lenses including multi-coated. 

[Q] Can it be used when wet? 
[A] It can, but results will not be great. Please make sure to apply on dry lenses to ensure that Anti-Fog application is optimal.

[Q] How many times can I use? 
[A] One Piece of our Anti-Fog Gel for Glasses can be used up to 100 applications. 

[Q] How many times should I apply per day?
[A] Apply only a tiny drop on each lens for best results. Only apply once per day. One application will last up to 24hrs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Best anti-fog agent yet

I'm a pathologist, and wear a mask all the time with glasses and at a microscope. This is the only product line I've found that works.

Leon Kennedy
not truthful about product contents

The product was advertised as PFAS free, but when received, it says it contains fluorinated surfactants which are a type of PFAS

Leonard Lipton
Really works!

I’m amazed at how well this works! Great product