How To Find Your PD

Where can you find your PD?

Your eye doctor should list your PD on your prescription. If it‘s not written on your prescription you can call and request this information from your optometrists. Your PD is already included when you pay for your eye check-up, and it is your legal right to obtain your own personal data that you have already paid for. 

This request should be absolutely free and opticians should not be asking you to pay extra*

What if I still cannot get my PD?
If for some strange reason your optometrist is unwilling to give you your PD, you can follow these instructions below and our certified in-house optician will help identify your PD. 

How to measure your PD from home (3 Easy Steps):

1. Take a ruler and place it over your eyes as shown in the picture below. 

2. With your phone, take a picture at arms length away looking straight into the camera.

3. Email us the picture and our certified in-house optician will determine your PD.

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What is PD?
PD = Pupillary Distance = Distance in millimeter between the centers of your pupils.

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Why do we need your PD?
Your PD is used it to make sure your lenses are optically centered to avoid distortion.