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Cycling Sunglasses Collection / PROGEAR® Racer

PROGEAR® Racer | Rx-able Prescription Sportshades | 6 Colors

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Patented pro-cycling glasses with 3D adjustability to ensure a secure fit with your facial contour. Sports wrap sun lenses custom made to your exact prescription. No insert or clip-on needed.

Size: Standard

Other Models: Pro Cycling | Sports Wrap | Polarized

Perfect Vision or Your Money Back

Vision Plan / Insurance Covered

Certified Optician Will Verify Your Frame Size & Lens Selection

Will This Fit Me?

How To Check If The Racer Will Fit Me?

1. Pick the most comfortable pair of glasses you own. 

2. Lay your glasses on a flat surface with the temple arms fully extended as shown on the example image below.

3. Measure the distance between the hinges using a ruler. 


How To Measure? (Example)

Racer Sunglasses will fit you perfectly if your measurement falls within 134-140mm.

If you are still unsure?
Consult Our Optician

Shipping Information

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Please Note (if you choose prescription lens): 
For orders including sports prescription lenses, please note the lenses you ordered are special lenses with sports wrap geometry and require advanced digital fabrication which will take 4-7 additional days.

What If You Get My Prescription Wrong?

No worries at all. In the extremely rare case (less than 0.5%) we get your prescription wrong, you can return the item to us and we will give you a complete refund or replacement.

PROGEAR® Racer is designed for all athletes and all sports.

Built To Perform

Over 90% of sports sunglasses on market are not designed with proper geometry to carry prescription lenses.

PROGEAR® Racer was designed by optical scientists with input from professional athletes to deliver superior optical performance and perfect snug fit.

PROGEAR® Racer is rx-able, with support for prescription, myopia, astigmatism and prism.

Tailored To You

Sports sunglasses tailored to fit your exact and full prescription needs. Frame and lenses geared for running, cycling and triathlon. We specialize in strong and difficult prescription ranges (e.g +6 to -7), and we can also take care of astigmatism (cylinder) and prism at no extra costs.

  • Racer features an adjustable tilt to fit more headforms.

    Adjust Angle To Your Liking

    16° lens angle adjustment to fit different facial contour, eliminate the smallest possible visual distortion.

  • Thoughtfully designed hinges make PROGEAR® Racer a durable pair of running sunglasses.

    Pantoscopic Tilt Hinges

    Unique, adjustable pantoscopic tilt hinges with easily replaceable parts upon normal wear-and-tear.

  • Change between lenses to provide superior optical performance while wearing PROGEAR® Racer prescription running glasses.

    Change Between Lenses

    Interchangeable lens system, compatible with plano sun-lenses, Rx sun or clear lenses, polarized and Transitions lenses.

  • Racer is a comfortable yet sporty pair of polarized running sunglasses.

    Comfortable & Adjustable

    Anti-slip, adjustable, non-allergenic rubber nose pads.

  • Adjustable endtips provide extra comfort like no other triathalon glasses.

    Adjustable Endtip for Ears

    Anti-slip, adjustable endtips with built-in stainless steel core for personal adjustment, i.e. ear-loop or wrap around.

  • PROGEAR® Racer is a very light pair of runners sunglasses.

    Super Lightweight

    Super lightweight (only 27.5g).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Killer Glasses!!!

I was a little sceptical about ordering glasses off the internet. From the beginning it was very well handled. I ordered three frames, paid the amount requested, picked the one I wanted and sent in my progressive prescription for their review. I was contacted regarding the distance between the pupils of my eyes, held up a set of digital calipers and took a picture and sent it to them. I was contacted about two days later that they were in process and received them about 10 days after that. I use them to play Pickleball and love them.

Trevor Steventon
Excellent Service

The service provided was excellent. They even provided me with a reduction after I had made the purchase. My full distance prescription was taken into account. The sport specs have been everything that I had hoped for. They provide an excellent field of unrestricted vision opening a new world to me. What is more they stay in place whether I run, cycle or play tennis.

Great pair of RX sunglasses

I was a little hesitant get a pair of glasses on line because I couldn’t put them on to see how they fit exc. they were great! And through out the process the people involved were just as great as the glasses, answering questions I had and whatnot! Thanks to everyone!!!