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PROGEAR® H2O | Swim Goggles - Adults | 3 Colors

PROGEAR® H2O | Swim Goggles - Adults | 3 Colors

"Whoa! Found goggles for my tough prescription that no opticians can help - Joe S.

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Size:  Kids (Age 4-10) | Teens (Age 11 to Adults) | Adults

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Buy 1 frame with prescription lenses and grab any other frame of your choice (can be the same or different prescription) and get the second frame cost waived.

code "BOGO3" at checkout.

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Within 100 days, you may return, exchange or receive a refund on your glasses if you are unhappy with them. For detailed conditions, refer to the returns policy.

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Frame & Measurements

The PROGEAR® H2O are patented prescription swimming goggles. Different from pre-made goggles, we fabricate each goggle lens (left and right) following your exact and full prescription just like what you would get with your regular glasses at a professional optician or optometrist.

With our PROGEAR® H2O swimming goggles, we specialize in strong and difficult prescriptions and correcting myopia, astigmatism (cylinder) and prism. 

Adult (Large Cup Size + Regular Nose-Bridge)
Material: Plastic
Shape: Oval
Eligible for Progressive: Yes (On Request Only, with Surcharge)
Gender: Men, Women 
Type: Full Frame 


Oversized cup that provides adult wearers with the largest field of vision during leisure water activities.


Standard Cup vs. Large Cup

PROGEAR® H2O is available in two eye cup sizes, standard and large. 

Standard cups are used in both kid's and teen size goggles and are more streamlined for optimal performance and mainly catered to a competitive swimmer. 

Large is suitable for adults who require a bigger cup size. It is also for people who want a larger field of view for more recreational usage.

Our Lens Technologies

FREE - Included in all orders, both dark sun lenses and clear prescription lenses

  • UV PROTECTION: We integrate nano-coatings and filters to eliminate 100% UVA and UVB, on both sun lenses as well as clear Rx lenses.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT: A surface hardening process we put on top of all the functional nano coatings to make your lens super durable.
  • SPORT WRAP COMPENSATION: No more visual distortion for wrap around sunglasses, especially with high prescription.  Your lens is fabricated not just based on your biological prescription but taking into consideration the lens curvature and fitting angle, i.e. a truly personalized design.
  • POLYCARBONATE: All our sports glasses and goggles come with impact resistant Polycarbonate lenses for customers with power range -8 to +6.
  • LENTICULATION (FOR SPORT WRAP LENSES): No more thick lenses for high prescription!  With our digital lenticulation process, we optimize lens edge thickness up to 50% thinner.

NO BRAINER - get a major boost of performance for as little as...

  • ANTI-REFLECTION: It eases eye strain by reducing reflections and eliminates glare from your lenses.
  • SUPER-HYDROPHOBIC: Nano-coating is water and oil repellent. Reduce fingerprints and smudge.
  • BLUE-LIGHT BLOCKING: Our Blue Light Filter eliminates the highest percentage of incident blue light emitted by electronic screens.  It maintains true color rendition while minimizing eye-strain.
  • PRECISION TINT: 6 precision tints with various colors and light transmittance from 15%(dark sunglasses) to 90%(night driving). 
  • MIRROR COATING: Giving your prescription glasses a highly fashionable reflective color.


50% OFF RETAIL - all major brands and premium lenses

  • TRANSITIONS™ (LIGHT -RESPONSIVE): Upgrade to the latest edition Transitions™ Signature® Gen8™ lenses that turn fastest from clear indoor to dark lenses outdoors.  Buy only from official dealers with your personal authenticity card.

  • DIGITAL PROGRESSIVE: Next generation digital progressive lenses offer a 40% wider field of vision and improved transition between distance and reading zones, with least peripheral distortion.

  • SUPER THIN HIGH INDEX: Crystal clear, thin and light even with very strong prescription(High Index 1.67).

  • POLARIZED: Minimize glare and offer crisp vision with UV protection. Ideal for rich color and contrast when doing watersports, on the road, and outdoor activities.

Vision Plan & Insurance Covered

Our prescription sports glasses and goggles are covered by most major vision plans and insurance packages, e.g. VSP, Medicare, etc. However, we do not process claims directly onsite. We offer official receipt upon request and you can claim through your administrators.

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Very Short-Sighted with Astigmatism

“My eye doctor told me not to swim in my contacts anymore. But I need to see the instructor during water aerobics class and to enjoy my swims. These goggles are amazing❣️🏊‍♀️🩱”

- Robin Hale ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

First Time Buying Optical Online?

We know the pain of buying optical online and the risk of accidentally choosing the wrong frame size and prescription when you can't physically try the frame on.

"Before You Order, We Help You Get It Right"

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Why Order From Us?

  • Factory Direct Prices

    As the original PROGEAR® brand owner with in-house lens making facilities, we give customers the opportunity to buy directly from the source at unbeatable prices.

  • 100% Accuracy

    Over 20 certified opticians on the team with 153 years combined experience, manually check every incoming order to make sure you've chosen the perfect fitting and correct lens selection.

  • Even Extreme Prescription

    Being the most advanced Sports Vision Specialist in lens research and fabrication, E-Optician makes the strongest and most difficult prescription possible on our sports wrap goggles and sunglasses. No Distortion Guaranteed.

  • Fastest Turnaround

    With state-of-the-art facilities in California (USA), Gloucester (UK), Château-Thierry (France), Bangkok (Thai) and Hong Kong (China). We are the fastest lens making network that can deliver to you wherever you are.

  • Biggest Variety

    E-Optician is the original patent owner and manufacturer of the renowned PROGEAR® brand. This means that we are the only store offering the widest selection of style, color, and size options that you will not find anywhere else.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our customer service chat is available 24/7. Ask us anything.

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  • Transitions™

    Authorized Dealer

  • The Guardian News

    Mentioned in 2021

  • ASTM

    US Sports Safety Standard Certified

  • JIS

    Japan Sports Safety Standard Certified

  • EN166

    EU Sports Safety Standard Certified

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Customer Reviews

Based on 343 reviews
Happy customer
Great googles

I ordered the prescription googles for my 4 y old who is really short sighted. It was easy to order and the googles arrived really fast. I had additional questions after and I got reply from the company straight away. I would definitely recomment E-optician to anyone and will order again in future for sure. Thank you

PROGEAR® H2O | Swim Goggles - Game changer for the better

Totally changed my relationship with swimming adding new dimensions and possibilities. As of time of this review I have probably been swimming with these goggles at least 20 times. I am extremely near sighted and the prescription is spot on. Transitions work great. For the first time in my life I can swim underwater and see what is happening down there. Initially had a little water leakage but switching out the nose piece seemed to alleviate that.. I would consider getting a second back up pair.

Great product for our daughter!

We purchased these for our 4 year old who can get by without her glasses when playing in water but it was not as enjoyable. They came fast and we are so glad we had them for our vacation to the beach and water park! I think they made the biggest difference in her enjoyment of vacation and playing in the water!

Elaine O'Neil
Excellent product

I ordered for my son who has a very high prescription. This was the only company that could do it. Goggles came very quickly. Very lightweight. Not sure if he has had a chance to try them but he was looking forward to be able to see under water.

Torona Poole
Highly recommend!

High quality. Fast delivery. Excellent quality of product. Perfect prescription match. It took some adjusting for fit but it has made a tremendous difference in the swimmer's performance!!.

Regina Morales
Pricey but worth it!

The price was a shocker,however my little is in competitive swimming which is why we needed the goggles special shes a -3.5 and -4. She was super happy with them. Wish I gotten a youth size but they will grow with her.

Kate Nordland

I just wanna say When I ordered this product, I tested it out and it’s perfect and I can see way better than before 100% Worth it it’s worth money

Lesley Payne
Granddaughter very pleased

Granddaughter didn't want to continue swimming lessons as she couldn't see without her spectacles on. I paid for prescription swimming goggles for her. She was was so excited when they arrived. She didn't want to take them off. We are both so pleased.

Clare Morrison
Excellent service

The product is good quality, beautifully glazed with my distance prescription -thinned lens. There's a clear panel to the sides so I'm aware of the surrounds beside me.
I have a very narrow bridge and the second kids size bridge fits me well. Thanks for the selection of bridges for me to choose.

Swim goggles

Easy to deal with, answered all my questions, good communication throughout.