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Prescription Swimming Goggles - PROGEAR® H2O Adults

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Size:  Kids (Age 4-10) | Teens (Age 11 to Adults) | Adults

Frame & Measurements

The PROGEAR® H2O are patented prescription swimming goggles. Different from pre-made goggles, we fabricate each goggle lens (left and right) following your exact and full prescription just like what you would get with your regular glasses at a professional optician or optometrist.

With our PROGEAR® H2O swimming goggles, we specialize in strong and difficult prescriptions and correcting myopia, astigmatism (cylinder) and prism. 

Adult (Large Cup Size + Regular Nose-Bridge)
Material: Plastic
Shape: Oval
Eligible for Progressive / Bifocal: Yes (On Request Only, with Surcharge)
Gender: Men, Women 
Type: Full Frame 


Oversized cup that provides adult wearers with the largest field of vision during leisure water activities.

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Please Note:
Orders with custom prescription (Rx) lenses require 4-7 additional business days for production time.

100 Days Easy Returns

Within 100 days, you may return, exchange or receive a refund on your glasses if you are unhappy with them. For detailed conditions, refer to the returns policy.

Vision Plan & Insurance Covered

Our prescription swimming goggles are covered by most major vision plans and insurance packages, e.g. VSP, Medicare, etc. However, we do not process claims directly onsite. We offer official receipt upon request and you can claim through your administrators.

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First Time Buying Optical Online?

We know the pain of buying optical online and the risk of accidentally choosing the wrong frame size and prescription when you can't physically try the frame on.

"Before You Order, We Help You Get It Right"

  • Factory Direct Prices

    As the original PROGEAR® brand owner with in-house lens making facilities, we give customers the opportunity to buy directly from the source at unbeatable prices.

  • 100% Accuracy

    Over 20 certified opticians on the team with 153 years combined experience, manually check every incoming order to make sure you've chosen the perfect fitting and correct lens selection.

  • Even Extreme Prescription

    Being the most advanced Sports Vision Specialist in lens research and fabrication, E-Optician makes the strongest and most difficult prescription possible on our sports wrap goggles and sunglasses. No Distortion Guaranteed.

  • Fastest Turnaround

    With state-of-the-art facilities in California (USA), Gloucester (UK), Château-Thierry (France), Bangkok (Thai) and Hong Kong (China). We are the fastest lens making network that can deliver to you wherever you are.

  • Biggest Variety

    E-Optician is the original patent owner and manufacturer of the renowned PROGEAR® brand. This means that we are the only store offering the widest selection of style, color, and size options that you will not find anywhere else.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our customer service chat is available 24/7. Ask us anything.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews
Sarvesh Jadhav
Needs some improvement

The prescription swimming goggles are good. Here's what I believe needs to be changed to make them go from being "good" to becoming "perfect."
First, I would say put a clear marking, specifying the left and the right side of the swimming goggles. This avoids confusion for those who have different prescriptions for each eye. You can not always rely on the nose piece or the strap marking to see the correct side. This is because people swap their nose piece or change straps.
Next, the goggles need to have anti fog coating. This can be a big deal breaker for a majority of swimmers. I tried using third-party anti fog spray, but it doesn't coat the lenses as the lenses seem to have a hydrophobic coating on them.
Pricing and quality are good overall, so I am giving it 3 stars.

Hi Sarvesh,

I'm the senior optician here at E-optician.

Thanks a million for your input. I've already passed your suggestion of putting L/R marks on the goggles to our product team. They agreed this is a good suggestion and will follow up in subsequent product. Many thanks again.

As for anti-fog coatings, we have indeed tried many formulae over the years but looks like the technology is not there yet. The best we have tried will only last 60-70 days especially in sea water or chlorinated swimming pool water. As our custom prescription goggles are a bit higher in price than those regulars, we feel such durability is not justified and we are not proud to offer.

Instead, we always suggest our users to apply a real quick fix: rub a little baby shampoo on the inside of googles and lightly rinse with water but don't rinse off totally, leave the inside a little slippery. This is probably the most reliable solution......

Thanks again for your kind input. We enjoy having you as a customer.

Lak | E-optician

Pranav Rawal

Speedy, convenient and exactly what I asked for. Doesn't get any better than that.

A Joshi

Easy to use website, competitive price and great quality. Very happy

Shahab Khan
Quick easy very good

Amazing service. Reasonable price, quick postage

William Engle
Swimming googles for high myopia and strabismus

The E-optician team constructed swimming goggles with high myopia (-14, -11), and strabismus (7, 7). The price was very reasonable. Service excellent and timely. Recommend strongly.


Haven't received my order yet and it's been almost a month

Hi Jasmine,

I traced the order for you and found we already have a customer service staff communicating with you regarding the lost parcel at FedEx. The order was shipped on Jan 4, only four working days after you placed the order. The original expected delivery was Jan 7 but we didn't get notified about the lost parcel until last week.

We have complaint to FedEx regarding the lost parcel as well as the long delayed notification. I've also reported this to our own management and they are putting in corrective measure to ensure more responsive tracking of delivery post-shipment in future.

We are now rushing a remake order for you and hope to ship out within a few days. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks and regards,
Lak | E-optician

Jenalyn Martinez

My son is very happy with his new PROGEAR Rx Swim Goggles. Now he is excited and has confidence to go in his swimming classes. Thanks E-Optician!

High quality, fast shipping

I need special swimming goggles with a prescription. The order was very easy. The shipping was surprisingly fast though it's international shipping. It's quite clear to me when I wore it in water. The quality seems very good. Thank you, E-Optician.