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PROGEAR® Protective Eyewear (PPE)

PROGEAR® Protective Eyewear (PPE)

One size (Adult) fits all. Completely covers your eyes from splash, aerosol and droplets while maintaining comfortable ventilation and clear vision. ANSI Z87 safety standard certified. Shatter-proof and impact resistant (FDA). Perfect safety goggles for the home (lawn mowing, woodwork, etc.), play (even extreme sports) and at work.
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Product Information

• Complete coverage of both eyes: ergonomic wrap-around shield with form fitting face seal.

• Tough, shatter-proof Polycarbonate (PC) shield lens.

• Anti-fog coating.

• Indirect ventilation further reduces fog up while limiting particle inflow.

• Adjustable headband.

• Blocks 100% UV A/B rays.

• Quick-Dry pouch included, which reduces bacterial accumulation during storage.

• Stylish and industry leading design.

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