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Free Form Green - model FFA933 (1 color)

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What are you looking for in a pair of glasses? Eco-friendly, German design, absolute comfort and exceptional value... you have them all in Green by FREE FORM EYEWEAR. 

Frame Dimension: Fits Large Head Form
FFA933 size

Reasons To Buy

Lowest Price Guarantee Policy

Free Shipping | 7-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Fastest Turnaround (Rx lens 4-7 days only)

VSP & Major Vision Plans Coverage

Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Skiing and more

Why Freeform is Awesome


An award winning, lifestyle eyewear brand that stands out through the combination of lightweight titanium frames, stylish design and explicit simplicity for consumers who place great value on innovation and environment.

Be Responsible
Crafted with minimized carbon footprint, bio-Green acetate, and absolutely
no harmful waste is released into the environment.

Less is More
Minimalist design, only 14g light, making it the world's lightest glasses.

Feel Comfortable
Super lightweight titanium, tough and flexible. Snug fit on your face with a soft touch.

German Design
Patented screwless hinge, cleverly cut and folded from one piece of titanium sheet.

- Our Premium Lens Promotion -

Crisp, thin and light even for very high prescription (High Index 1.61/1.67 from $60 only)

Above and beyond other branded progressive lenses, our next generation digital progressive lenses offer a 40% wider field of vision, and with an improved transition between reading and distance zones. (Introductory offer from $130 only, which includes FREE Anti-Reflective and Super Hydrophobic Coatings).


Upgrade to Transitions™

Transitions lenses are fully clear indoors and intelligently change from clear to dark when you go outdoors by continually optimizing the amount of light your eyes receive. Upgrade to Transitions™ Signature® GEN8™ Lens for only $80 (Retail $179).

Upgrade to Essilor and Nikon Lenses

Essilor’s patented W.A.V.E. Technology™ offers the smoothest transition between distances, while Nikon’s “world’s finest lenses” offers the least peripheral distortion. From $100 only.

- Blue Light Filter -

Our Blue Light Filter absorbs and reflects a good portion of incident blue light that causes eye-strain. Upgrade for only $40


- How It Looks -

Since the invisible Blue Filter not only absorbs harmful blue light but also reflecting it away from entering your eyes, your lens will have a very light bluish reflection, resembling a fashionable blue mirror coating.

Find The Perfect Sizing

Determine Frame Size By Yourself Guide

1. Pick the most comfortable pair of glasses you own. 

2. Lay your glasses on a flat surface with the temple arms fully extended as shown on the example image below.

3. Measure the distance between the hinges using a ruler. 

4. Once you've measured the hinge-to-hinge distance, refer to the table to determine the size that would fit you best. 


Measuring Example (Measure This Length)

Measure your precription glasses to get the best fit for kids and adults.


Refer to the following table to determine the best frame size for you

E-Optician makes it easy to order glasses online, with real opticians helping you to choose the right glasses.

If you are still unsure about your sizing?
Consult Our Optician

Shipping Information

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia 
Free Shipping: 7-10 Business Days 
Expedite ($9.95): 5-7 Business Days 
Express ($19.95): 2-4 Business Days 

Free Shipping on Orders Over US$150 for the following countries (7-10 Business Days): MX, NZ, CN, ID, JP, KR, MY, PH, SG, TH, TW, VT, AT, BE, BG, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GR, HU, IE, IT, LI, LU, MC, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SE, SK, SM.

Rest of the world (countries not listed above): 
Orders Over US$250
: Free Shipping 7-10 Business Days
Orders Between US$150-US$250: Shipping Cost US$19 (7-10 Business Days)
Orders Under US$150: Shipping Cost US$39 (7-10 Business Days)

Please Note (if you choose prescription lens): 
For orders including sports prescription lenses, please note the lenses you ordered are special lenses with sports wrap geometry and require advanced digital fabrication which will take 4-7 additional days.

What If You Get My Prescription Wrong?

No worries at all. In the extremely rare case (less than 0.5%) we get your prescription wrong, you can return the item to us and we will give you a complete refund or replacement.

Consult Our Optician For Free

We totally understand the difficulty of buying eyewear online and the risk of accidentally buying a frame that is the wrong size or prescription. If you are unsure about your selections, give our 1-on-1 free Optician Consultation Service a go and let our certified opticians help you out every step of the way.

NO Guessing, NO Mistakes, NO Anxiety

Consult Our Optician

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Alan Howard
Great product

I have purchased free form green for many years, they are quality and use to be much more expensive then today. I decided to have them place then prescription because the cost was so low, I figured if there was a problem it would be easy to return. I need to say that they are perfect. I ordered the normal lenses with coatings, and the price was half of what I would have spent here. The distributor is out of Arizona, and are very friendly and helpful.

Bart Harrison
Fast delivery

Amazing it got here quicker than expected. Quality is nice, works like a charm.

Terence Bass
high quality

glasses and case are nice