PROGEAR® Anti-Fog for Glasses - WIPES
PROGEAR® Anti-Fog for Glasses - WIPES
PROGEAR® Anti-Fog for Glasses - WIPES
Anti-Fog Wipes for all glasses, eyewear, lenses - packaging
Anti-Fog Wipes for all glasses, eyewear, lenses - product
Anti-Fog Wipes for all glasses, eyewear, lenses - product sample

PROGEAR® Anti-Fog for Glasses - WIPES

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PROGEAR® Anti-Fog Solution for Glasses Ranked Best On The Guardian: 

"It's hard to believe I went months before trying this gel, and given it's cheaper than the somewhat less effective spray, I'll be recommending it to every four-eyes I see in the street." - Elias Visontay, The Guardian Reporter (2021) -  Read Full Article

Anti-Fog Wipes for all glasses, eyewear, lenses - theguardian

Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses - The Quick and Sustainable Solution:

PROGEAR® Anti-Fog Wipes has become a widely demanded product in the wake of mandatory face mask rules. Our Anti-Fog Wipes and Anti-Fog Gel was created with a new and improved formula that is free from PFAS (PFOA & PFOS) and can therefore be used with peace of mind and without hesitation. PROGEAR® Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses does not only offer a quick and sustainable solution for fogged up eyewear, but it lasts up to 24hrs per application and it is safe for all lens materials and coatings, including multi-coated lenses. 

PROGEAR® Anti Fog Wipes are the best anti fog wipes for glasses. Our anti fog wipes provide a transparent anti-fog coating which is designed to keep your glasses lenses free from fogging up to 24 hours.

Anti-Fog Wipes for all glasses, eyewear, lenses - features

Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses - Features & Benefits:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Safe for all glasses lenses / coatings
  • Wipe size: 9cm x 12cm
  • Disposable, one time use only
  • 30pcs/box

Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses - Instruction to Use:

  1. Tear open packet and lightly brush away any dust or dirt with folded wipe.
  2. Unfold wipe and use the clean side to wipe entire surface for anti-fog treatment.
  3. Let dry for 10-15 sec. Single use only.


Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses - FAQ:

[Q] Can I use it for any glasses? 
[A] Yes, it is designed with a new and improved PFAS free formula that can be applied to all glasses, eyewear, and lenses including multi-coated. 

[Q] Can it be used when wet? 
[A] It can, but results will not be great. Please make sure to apply on dry lenses to ensure that Anti-Fog application is optimal.

[Q] How many times can I use? 
[A] One box contains 30 Anti-Fog Wipes. Each wipe will last up to 24hrs. 

[Q] How many times should I apply per day?
[A] Only apply once or twice per day. One application will last up to 24hrs. 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 27 reviews

          These wipes really work they are fantastic! I used the same wipe two days in a row and they still worked ! Best wipes !

          Best defogger ever

          Finally found one that really works. Thank you

          Simply the best!

          I’ve tried half a dozen so-called anti fog products and one just made it worst, despite the favorable reviews on Amazon. Pro-Gear is the ONLY one that works for me!! That’s why I re-ordered so I never run out.

          This works

          Want to be able to wear glasses and a mask? This is the only thing that I have found that works. It reduces fogging significantly and by adjusting the fit of the mask eliminates it. I have recently spent 36 hours in a mask by a relatives hospital bed. No fogging at all. Super product, easy to use. Highly recommended. Postage to UK was quicker than internal mail. All in all a great experience.

          Anti-fog wipes for glasses

          I read the review for these in The Guardian, They sounded like, WOW! No more fogged up glasses. They work about 75% of the time. Mostly if I have just cleaned my glasses, it's not too cold and I'm walking alone. Add a hat, a walking companion, maybe a stuffy nose, then there's some fogging. I haven't given up on them!

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