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Polarized Color Selected (Sportshades)

Polarized Color Selected (Sportshades)

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Polarized Color
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We know the pain of buying optical online and the risk of accidentally choosing the wrong frame size and prescription when you can't physically try the frame on.

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Why Order From Us?

  • Factory Direct Prices

    As the original PROGEAR® brand owner with in-house lens making facilities, we give customers the opportunity to buy directly from the source at unbeatable prices.

  • 100% Accuracy

    Over 20 certified opticians on the team with 153 years combined experience, manually check every incoming order to make sure you've chosen the perfect fitting and correct lens selection.

  • Even Extreme Prescription

    Being the most advanced Sports Vision Specialist in lens research and fabrication, E-Optician makes the strongest and most difficult prescription possible on our sports wrap goggles and sunglasses. No Distortion Guaranteed.

  • Fastest Turnaround

    With state-of-the-art facilities in California (USA), Gloucester (UK), Château-Thierry (France), Bangkok (Thai) and Hong Kong (China). We are the fastest lens making network that can deliver to you wherever you are.

  • Biggest Variety

    E-Optician is the original patent owner and manufacturer of the renowned PROGEAR® brand. This means that we are the only store offering the widest selection of style, color, and size options that you will not find anywhere else.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our customer service chat is available 24/7. Ask us anything.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
M. Colon
Excellent addition to my travel gear

My glasses arrived just in time for my cycling trip to the Netherlands. I used my red pair all week. It worked out great in rain, heavy wind and sunshine. Unfortunately, I lost the strap during the trip. I love the way it covers the vision area protecting my eyes from any particles (dust, bugs, rain, etc.). The clarity of the objects and nature was awesome. I love my new pair of sunglasses, highly recommend it.

Thank you for the kind words. All the spare parts of our prescription sunglasses are replaceable. By this email, I'm asking our Arizona office to send you a spare strap.

Have a great trip.

Lak | E-optician

Tom Weiss
loving these on the golf course ❤️

Just played a few rounds and the Rx was filled accurately and the lens clarity in spot on. Frames fit comfortable on ears and nose and also have a nice adjustment hinge on each earpiece.

Tim Mack
Prescription Progear Sportshades Sunglasses

I recently purchased a pair of the prescription Sportshade Progear Sunglasses for riding and I am extremely happy with them. I have previously tried many wrap around sunglasses but because of my heavy prescription I was not satisfied with my vision, blurry and unable to read things, and thickness of the lens was awful. These prescription Progear shades are excellent, clear with no distortion and I can read signs! They also look excellent. I am extremely satisfied with these sunglasses!!!

PROGEAR® Sportshades | Racer S-1283 Cycling & Running Sunglasses

E-Optician had informed me that due to my prescription my lenses would be thicker and I may not be comfortable with the weight of the glasses or my peripheral vision. However with their advanced Wavefront lens the laboratory could apply a "lenticulation" process to taper down some lens thickness and make them wearable and cosmeticly appealing. The only setback might be to sacrifice a little peripheral vision towards the temporal(outward side).

I received the glasses a couple of weeks ago and I purchased an eyeglass retainer made by Croakies. The glasses look and feel amazing! E-Optician did an amazing job and now I have a pair of mainstream cycling glasses to wear while riding and participating in other athletic activities.

Iain M
Decent Price and Quality

The process was very straightforward and communication was good throughout. The glasses are of reasonable quality, look really good and fit fairly well, although the legs could be a little tighter on the side of my head.
I'm happy with the purchase!
Thank you

Jennifer Morris
Fantastic Service and Shades

Thank you so much!
From the beginning of the process until the end E-Optician communicated and ensured everything was correct.
Prescription sunglasses are perfect for motorcycle riding and driving.

Sharen Richardson
Great prescription sunglasses

I ordered an indoor and outdoor pair of prescription glasses for playing pickleball. The indoor pair were more like goggles, which I didn’t care for the looks, so I ordered a pair of clear lens glasses that were more like safety glasses. I love the outdoor sports sunglasses with the red lens, and I’m looking forward to the indoor clear lens pair too arrive.

Patrick Manders
Great company

My wife and I have both purchased prescription sports glasses. The service is excellent, the glasses are perfect and they stand behind their product.
Would recommend them to everyone.

Vaughan Hemy

The glasses are excellent they are what I wanted a good pair of prescription running glasses . Just one thing I messaged and asked how I tighten them on my head a tiny bit as the slip when I have them up and also how to tighten a tiny bit at the nose but I was told to start sending in photos etc.. I don’t think that’s necessary just a little bit of info would be nice .

Hi Vaughan,

I'm the senior optician here at E-optician. Let me apologize for the hassle. Indeed our team of customer service are all practicing opticians and they are all super detail to 'custom adjust' frames for each customer and hence the request of photos.

Anyway, I've now asked our technical team to make a short video to show you how you can adjust the Racer frame for a perfect fit. See the Youtube video here:

Feel free if other questions.

Lak | E-optician

Peter Mercado
Not happy

U gave me a clear set of lenses and a tinted set. I replaced the clear set with the tinted ones only to find out that the tinted lenses were not prescription. They r of no use to me if u didn’t put my prescription on them. Please replace the tinted lenses with prescription tinted lenses

Hi Peter,

I'm the senior optician here at E-optician. I've just checked your order and believe there is some misunderstanding here.

You have purchased our Dash2 sport wrap sunglasses with a pair of prescription Transitions lenses (clear when indoor but will turn into sunglasses under sun light). The extra pair of sun lenses are plano (no prescription power) which comes with the original sunglasses. Most optician will simply throw them away and deliver you only the prescription pair you've purchased. At E-optician, we believe this is an unnecessary waste and believe some of our customers may want to wear them as plano with their contact lenses occasionally. And since our DASH2 model is an interchangeable lens model, therefore we still put them in your frame case as an accessory. Sorry for this confusion.

In case you will also enjoy a pair of prescription sun lenses, we can also custom make for you with a surcharge. Just let us know.

Once again, sorry for the confusion. Feel free if other questions.

Thanks and regards,

Lak | E-optician