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Transitions™ Lens Upgrade (Eyeguard)

Transitions™ Lens Upgrade (Eyeguard)

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Upgrade to Transitions™ Signature® GEN8™ Lenses
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First Time Buying Optical Online?

We know the pain of buying optical online and the risk of accidentally choosing the wrong frame size and prescription when you can't physically try the frame on.

"Before You Order, We Help You Get It Right"

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Why Order From Us?

  • Factory Direct Prices

    As the original PROGEAR® brand owner with in-house lens making facilities, we give customers the opportunity to buy directly from the source at unbeatable prices.

  • 100% Accuracy

    Over 20 certified opticians on the team with 153 years combined experience, manually check every incoming order to make sure you've chosen the perfect fitting and correct lens selection.

  • Even Extreme Prescription

    Being the most advanced Sports Vision Specialist in lens research and fabrication, E-Optician makes the strongest and most difficult prescription possible on our sports wrap goggles and sunglasses. No Distortion Guaranteed.

  • Fastest Turnaround

    With state-of-the-art facilities in California (USA), Gloucester (UK), Château-Thierry (France), Bangkok (Thai) and Hong Kong (China). We are the fastest lens making network that can deliver to you wherever you are.

  • Biggest Variety

    E-Optician is the original patent owner and manufacturer of the renowned PROGEAR® brand. This means that we are the only store offering the widest selection of style, color, and size options that you will not find anywhere else.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our customer service chat is available 24/7. Ask us anything.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 682 reviews
Spirts glasses

Longer delivery than expected but that can't be helped. Glasses are as advertised. Thank you

Milad Darwesh

PROGEAR® Eyeguard | Soccer Goggles (4 sizes) | 12 colors

Dennis Conway
Not very comfortable

It took longer than expected to receive the glasses (more than 2+ weeks). While the vision aspect of the glasses was good, the glasses did not fit very well. In particular I find the nose cushion very large and uncomfortable. Also the strap has the adjustable piece at the back and it interferes with the back of my hockey helmet causing it to be uncomfortable and annoying. So overall I expected the glasses to be more contoured to the face and not have the strap adjustment in a place that interferes with my helmet. I wish the strap was replaceable with something that did not have the plastic piece

Hi Dennis,

Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction. But no worry. Maggie, who handled your order, will contact you shortly to offer help. We believe we have few ways to fix the problems for you.

Please rest assured we won't leave you with a product that you can't use.

Thanks again for your business.

Lak | E-optician

Great customer service

I ended up returning the glasses because they felt too tight around my temple area. They sent me large and extra-large glasses samples for me to try on after I complained about how uncomfortable the medium-sized glasses felt. I loved the color I chose (pink) and they felt sturdy. I wish they were not as tight around my temple area. I don’t have a particularly large head and since XL size was also felt too tight around my temple I am guessing they were just designed like that. They gave me the refund soon after I sent the glasses back.
The quality of the glasses seemed to be good. I wish they had more options available though.
For my taste, those glasses were on the smaller and narrower side. For the people who do MMA type of sports wwhich comes with a lot of physical contacts, larger glasses to cover more area would make more sense. Also, I needed an extra nose support pad. For flat Asian noses, these glasses are not wearable without the exta nose pads which they provided upon request


Perfect size, the only problem is lenses become foggy when my son starts playing football, hope you have a solution for this.

Hi Abir,

Thanks for reaching out. Here is our anti-fog gel specially designed for sports glasses and goggles: Try and you'll love it.

Lak | E-optician

poor quality

the frames has scratches

Hi AJ,

Thanks for letting us know the problem. Our Phoenix, AZ service center will immediately contact you to get you a replacement. They will send you a return label and upon receiving your returned frame, they will swap out the lenses into a new frame and ship back within 24 hours.

Please check your email within 12 hours to get this label.

Sorry again for the inconveniences.

Lak | E-optician

So easy to order, fantastic service.

I didn’t realise how easy (and how much more affordable) it would be to order prescription glasses online! All it took was a simple quiz and submitting a few measurements/photos along with my sons most recent script and the order was placed and delivered to our door within 2 weeks!

The technicians were super helpful and quick to reply to any emails about adjustments and changes.

My son wore his sports glasses to football for the first time tonight and is so happy with how comfortable they are.

Perfect for sport-loving teens who can’t quite grasp using contacts yet. I highly recommend e-optician!

Erin Neff
Highly recommend

Such an easy process for ordering sports glasses online for my twins! After submitting my pictures and size selection, a tech reached out via email to suggest a better fit for my daughters. So glad they did! The glasses are a perfect fit and great quality. Really improved my girls’ success at bat!

Brian Lewis
Process was excellent but glasses caused my daughter to have double vision

I appreciated the purchasing process with E-Optician, was simple and explained very well. Unfortunately my daughter cannot use the glasses for sports because she instantly starting complaining about double vision when wearing them. I'm in the process of working with them to replace, hopefully we will be able to fix the problem!

Dear Brian,

Sorry to hear about the problem. We already received your email notification of the problem. Our senior optician is now checking production data and looking into the matter. Kevin, our customer service handling your order, will come back within today to ask a few questions and help diagnose the problem and come up with a remedy. No worry, we won't leave you with a product that you can't use.

We'll take care of this soonest possible.

Lak | E-optician

Deborah Aldrich

My lenses need prisms for me to participate in my two sports, pickleball and surfing. These glasses will stay on when I get "worked" by the waves. They got it right.