Urban Product Description

PROGEAR® Urban Polarized Sunglasses are designed for leisure and an active lifestyle. Popular and modern styling is the design philosophy and all PROGEAR® Urban sunglasses are equipped with featherlite tri-acetate polarized lenses (plano version) for the highest possible Polarization for crisp vision with 100% UV protection.

Premium Frame Features

- Built-in one piece string hinge (available on certain models)

- Frame in featherlite TR90 material for wearing comfort and cosmetic/make-up resistant.

- Light weight, polarized Tri-acetate plano lens. Impact resistant and 100% UV protection.

- Most frames are equipped with fashionable mirror lens and anti-scratch coatings.

Experience and Enjoy Sharp Vision
PROGEAR® Vision Technology | 99% Polarization

State-of-the-Art Lens Multi-Layer Technologies

Glare Elimination Polarizer – Cuts bouncing glare on water, snow, road surface and allows wearer to see crisp vision.

Short Wave Absorbent Layer –Reduce blue blur to enhance visual acuity, depth perception and excellent contrast.

Light Intensity Control Layer –Minimize Infra Red rays and equalize excessive sun light to reduce eye strain and fatique.

Shatter Proof Cushion – Impact resistant and personal safety.

Scratch Resistant Coating – 2-sides Hard Coat.

Ultra-Violet Radiation(UVA / UVB) Blocker 100% – 100% blockage of health hazardous radiation.

Mirror Coating –Reflect excessive incoming rays.

All PROGEAR® Urban prescription (Rx) sun-lenses are individually fabricated in our Advanced Digital Wavefront Technology Laboratory.  Based on our proprietary mathematical model, each lens is digitally made to be optimized for your prescription, creating a distortion-FREE and widest field of vision.