PROGEAR® Vs. Other Brands

PROGEAR® Eyeguard is the world’s highest rated impact-resistant sports glasses to pass the ASTM F803 Sports Safety Compliance. The F803 is the strictest of its kind in relation to protective eyewear and has been outlined to ensure participants in various sports involving high-impact activities are protected. It covers sports such as handball, tennis, paddleball, badminton, squash, racquetball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and three levels of baseball (Kids: 40MPH, Youth: 55MPH, and Adult: 70MPH). All of these standards involve performance tests using head forms with various balls being shot at different speeds and angles.

In order to pass the performance test, the frames and lenses must meet the following requirements upon impact of up to 70 MPH:

- There cannot be any displacement of the lens from the frame.

- There cannot be any displaced fragments or complete fracture of a frame.

- The lens cannot touch the eye socket or face form upon impact.

Not only is the PROGEAR® Eyeguard adaptable to any sport; it is also demonstrated that it is the best. PROGEAR® is the only brand to reach the maximum level of 70 MPH impact resistance under the Sports Safety Compliance, making PROGEAR® Eyeguard eligible for Little League Baseball and Softball.