FREE 1-on-1 Optician Consultation

NO Guessing | NO Mistakes | NO Anxiety

'Our opticians will suggest the best sizes and verify your prescription before you order.'

How To Get Started? (3 Steps)

All our opticians need is three simple pictures from you for review (2 mins.)
  • PICTURE 1. Ruler on Forehead

    Wear the most comfortable pair of glasses you own and take a picture with a ruler placed horizontally on your forehead. The camera should be placed roughly 3 feet away, and leveled with your glasses. This will let us determine the optimal frame size that fits your best.

  • PICTURE 2. Chin Down

    Take a second picture with a chin-down posture. This will show us how the frame sits on your ears and let us estimate your ear-to-ear width.

  • PICTURE 3. Your Prescription

    Take a picture of your valid prescription (within 2 years). Our opticians will use this to calculate and determine which lens type and lens material can be applied to accomodate your Rx.

2) I Sent The Pictures... So What Happens Next?

Glad you asked! Our in-house opticians will measure your size and analyze your prescription (Rx).

Within 24 hours, you will receive a recommendation on size, style, advice on lens choice, and an upfront quote. Easy as that.

3) And It Gets Even Better...

You can now rest assured and place an order knowing that everything is perfect for YOU. Not only that, before we ship out your order, your frame will be custom adjusted to your fit by our optician.

"We Make It RIGHT Before You Order"


Send the pictures via email at (and let us know your product of interest) and our opticians will review and reply to your email with a recommendation within 24 hours.