How to find your Free Form eyeglasses size

How to find your Free Form eyeglasses size

Pick the most comfortable pair of glasses you own. Lay your glasses on a flat surface with the temple arms fully extended as if you are wearing them. Measure the distance between the hinges. 


Once you've measured the hinge-to-hinge distance, you can refer to the following chart to determine the Free Form Eyeglasses size that fits you:

Free Form Eyeglasses Size

Measurement From Your Existing Glasses 


Less than 129mm


129 – 134mm


135 – 139mm


Bigger than 139mm


If you are unsure you have measured you frame correctly, then take a picture of your eyewear frame as shown above with a ruler across the hinge points.  Email us the image together with your prescription and order number.  We will help you to determine the right frame for you.  Ensure the picture is taken at an upright position as illustrated:


If you are still not sure, please use our "Home Try-On" service.