Find Your Eyeguard Frame Size (3 Methods)

[Method 1] Consult Our In-House Certified Optician for Free 

Just like visiting an optometrist office, we operate with several in-house certified opticians to assist you with frame sizing and fitting. Please take these 3 simple pictures and you can send it to us via email at Our in-house certified optician will get back to you within 12-24 hours with a recommended frame size.

[PIC. 1] Wear the most comfortable pair of glasses you own and take a picture wit a ruler placed horizontally on your forehead. The camera should be placed roughly 3 feet away, and leveled with your glasses.


[PIC. 2] Take a second picture with a chin-down posture. This will show us how the frame sits on your ears and lets us estimate your ear-to-ear width.


[PIC. 3] Lay your glasses on the table with the temple arms fully extended. Place a ruler under the widest points between ear-bow to ear-bow. Take a picture roughly 3 feet away, and directly straight from above.


[Method 2] Do It Yourself Guide - 3 Easy Steps

1. Pick the most comfortable pair of glasses you own.

2. Lay your glasses on a flat surface with the temple arms fully extended, and measure the widest distance between the temples. Note, for most frames, this distance will likely be measured by the ear bow of the temples, i.e the ear bow is the point that sits above your ear when wearing glasses as shown in the image on the right.

3. Once you have measured the ear-bow to ear-bow distance, refer to the size chart below to determine the frame size that fits you best. 


If you are unsure you have measured you frame correctly, then take a picture of your eyewear frame as shown above with a ruler across the widest point. Email us the image together with your prescription and order number.  We will help you to determine the right frame for you. Ensure the picture is taken at an upright position like the example shown on the right.


If you do not currently own a pair of glasses, you can take a ruler and place it over your forehead as shown in the picture above. You can email us the picture at, so that we can help you determine the correct size.

[Method 3] Try Our Frame at Home for Free

Not sure it will fit? No worries, try the Eyeguard frame at home for free with our "Home Try-On" service. We will cover all the costs up to three different frames to help you ensure that your final pick is the right one.