How Blueoff Technology Works?

Understand What Does Blue Light Do To You

Electronic screens emit high frequency blue light.  Although blue-violet light is not as harmful in comparison to UV light, it is still entirely unfiltered as it passes through the eye and reaches the retina.  This causes potential damage and has been implicated to be one of the possible causes of damaged retinas due to an overexposure of high-energy incident light, also known as photoretinitis.

This damage and eye strain caused will also lead to eyeball deformation and hence, causing Myopia. This is why it’s important to wear blue light blocking glasses to maximize long term visual health, especially when spending a considerable amount of time on electronic screens on a daily basis.  

How does BLUOFF technology protect your eyes?


1 and 6: Oleophobic Coating - water / oil repellent, reduces smudge and fingerprints.

2: Front-side HEV (High Energy Visible) blue light filter by digital vacuum coating - reflects away and reduces 12% visible blue light (380-500nm). Reduces eye fatigue and enhances  color contrast.

3 and 5: Scratch resistant hard coating ensures greater durability and perfect visual quality.

4: Polycarbonate(PC) lens with internal blue light blocking tint, eliminates 100% UVA and UVB, and also absorbs additional HEV blue light from 19%(with BLUOFF FILTER) to 50%(with BLUOFF X-TREME FILTER). Maximizes vision performance while reducing eye fatigue and protecting your eyes from hazardous light emission from electronic screens.

BLUOFF FILTER (31%): Clear lens reduces 19% HEV Blue Light by absorption + 12% by reflection from lens surface

: Amber lens reduces 50% HEV Blue Light by absorption + 12% by reflection from lens surface