H2O Product Description

For Astigmatism | Prism | Precise Vision 

Many prescription swimming goggles on the market today are not designed to be personalized with your own prescription. The PROGEAR® H2O are a pair of Rx-able swimming goggles that allow you to customize them to your exact prescription. With H2O, you can have a crisp and clear vision underwater, just as if you were wearing your glasses. PROGEAR® H2O is designed by optical scientists with input from professional athletes. It delivers superior optical performance, as well as a snug fit and reassuring quality. H2O is available in two sizes, standard and large. Standard is suitable for both children and adults, whereas large is for adults who may want a larger field of view. H2O is great for both indoor and outdoor swimming, with optional tinted lenses to keep you at your best.


  • Any Prescription, fully customized.

  • Accommodates to all types of lenses, e.g. clear, tinted, anti-fog coated, UV-block, for crisp underwater vision 

  • Hypo-allergenic, latex-free, silicone eye-seals and strap 

  • Available in both standard and large sizes, with extra bridge fittings on request.