Green Technology

Green • Technology • Innovation • German Design

is an award winning, lifestyle eyewear 
brand that stands out through the combination of lightweight titanium frames, stylish design and explicit simplicity for consumers who place great value on innovation and environment.



Crafted with minimized carbon footprint, bio-Green acetate, and absolutely
no harmful waste is released into the environment.


Minimalist design, only 14g light, making it the world's lightest glasses


Super lightweight titanium, tough and flexible. Snug fit on your face with a soft touch.


Patented screwless hinge, cleverly cut and folded from
one piece of titanium sheet.

- Our Premium Lens Promotions -

Super Thin High Index


Crisp, thin and light even for very high prescription (High Index 1.61/1.67 from $60 only)

Digital Progressive


Above and beyond other branded progressive lenses, our next generation digital progressive lenses offer a 40% wider field of vision, and with an improved transition between reading and distance zones. (Introductory offer from $130 only, which includes FREE Anti-Reflective and Super Hydrophobic Coatings)

Upgrade to Transitions


Transitions lenses are fully clear indoors and intelligently change from clear to dark when you go outdoors by continually optimizing the amount of light your eyes receive. Upgrade to Transitions™ Signature® GEN8™ Lens for only $80 (Retail $179).

Upgrade to Essilor and Nikon Lenses


Essilor’s patented W.A.V.E. Technology™ offers the smoothest transition between distances, while Nikon’s “world’s finest lenses” offers the least peripheral distortion. From $100 only.

- Blue Light Filter -

How it works


Our Blue Light Filter absorbs and reflects a good portion of incident blue light that causes eye-strain. Upgrade for only $40

Benefits to your life

Enhance Your Focus

Reduce eye fatigue and improve overall focus and productivity. 

Blue Light Protection

On average, people spend up to nine hours a day in front of a digital device that emits blue light. Blue light can damage the retina and cause cataracts. 

Myopia Control

Blue light increases eyestrain and fatigue. This fatigue will cause your eyes to work harder in order to properly focus, which leads to potential eyeball deformation, and hence, causing Myopia. 

Better Sleep

In the same way a walk outside in the sun can make you feel awake, looking at a digital screen will also keep you awake due to the short wavelengths emitted from blue light. This will cause a delay in the release of melatonin, making it difficult to sleep. 

Reduce Eyestrain

Blue light blocking glasses can help increase contrast when viewing a digital screen, making it easier for you to concentrate and subsequently reducing eye strain. 

Reduce Headaches

Light, especially blue light can trigger migraines and exacerbate headache pain. 



Since the invisible Blue Filter not only absorbs harmful blue light but also reflecting
it away from entering your eyes, your lens will have a very light bluish reflection,
resembling a fashionable blue mirror coating.

What you see
(slide pointer left and right to see real effect)

Behind your Blue Light Filter lenses, you see images from digital screens with a little yellow hue.
This comes from the reduction of harmful blue light going into your eyes,
producing images with better contrast and hence sharper vision.