Optician Consultation

How to get started?

Wear the most comfortable pair of glasses you own and take a picture with a ruler placed horizontally on your forehead. The camera should be placed roughly 3 feet away, and leveled with your glasses.


Take a second picture with a chin-down posture. This will show us how the frame sits on your ears and let us estimate your ear-to-ear width.

Step 1 (6)

Take a picture of your valid prescription
(within 2 years).

Send the pictures via email at cs@e-optician.com and our opticians will review and reply to your email with a recommendation within 24 hours.

We Are With You All The Way

Frame and lens selection will be carefully verified by our in-house certified optician before production to ensure maximum accuracy of your custom frame & lenses. If anything wrong or missing with your prescription data is noticed, we will contact, support, and guide you every step of the way. 

Warranty & Moneyback Guarantee

All of our frames and accessories come with a standard 365 days manufacturer's warranty. You are entitled to a full refund on your order on the first 7 days upon delivery.

24/7 Chat Support

Our customer service team is online and ready to chat 24 hours a day. Feel free to ask us anything at anytime.

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Who are we?

E-Optician is a Sports Vision Specialist with patented sports glasses technologies and state-of-the-art sports lens fabrication facilities.

All online orders are processed by our in-house certified opticians. Your frame and lens selections are carefully verified with your personal prescription data before production to ensure maximum accuracy on the final product.

We are the official online store for the PROGEAR® brand and its extensive series of eyewear products including; PROGEAR® Eyeguard, Optical, Freeform, Urban, and Accessories. 

PROGEAR® is carried by over 10,000 professional optometrists. Over 500,000 pairs sold worldwide through eyecare professionals.

Lens Creation