Dash 2 Product Description


Over 90% of sports sunglasses on market are not designed with property geometry to carry prescription lenses. PROGEAR® Dash2 are designed by optical scientists with input from professional athletes to deliver superior optical performance and perfect snug fit.


(1) One-piece, internal spring hinge fitting range of head-widths to hold onto your face with the adequate amount of pressure.

(2) Anti-slip, adjustable, non-allergenic rubber nose pads.

(3) 16° lens angle adjustment to fit different facial contour, eliminate the smallest possible visual distortion. It also caters for different riding modes - road, off road, TT racing.

(4) Anti-slip, adjustable endtips with built-in stainless steel core for personal adjustment, i.e. ear-loop or wrap around.

(5) Interchangeable lens system, compatible with plano sun-lenses, Rx sun or clear lenses, polarized and Transitions lenses.

(6) Detachable neoprene headband with washable Velcro fastener for easy adjustment. Patented earphone cable holder, rotate to adjust fitting angle.