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PROGEAR® Eyeguard - Temple (XL) | 8 Colors

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Patented sports glasses with optical lenses custom made to your exact and full prescription. Sleek frame design with the highest protection rating, suitable for all popular ball sports.

Style: Temple Version | Strap Version
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Size: Small | Medium | Large | X-Large

Perfect Vision or Your Money Back

Vision Plan / Insurance Covered

Certified Optician Will Verify Your Frame Size & Lens Selection

Find The Perfect Sizing

Determine Frame Size By Yourself Guide

1. Lay your normal pair of glasses on a flat surface with the temple arms fully extended, and measure the widest distance between the temple arms. 

2. For most frames, this distance will likely be measured at the point that sits above your ear. See image example for reference.

3. Once you have measured the distance, refer to the image below to determine the frame size that fits you best. 


Measuring Example (Measure This Length)

Size chart for the best sports glasses that fits kids and adults. Rx-able, supports high power, astigmatism and myopia.


Refer to the following table to determine the best frame size for you
Size chart for prescription sports glasses. Designed for baseball, basketball, football and many other sports.


Still unsure about your size?
Consult Our Optician

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Please Note (if you choose prescription lens): 
For orders including sports prescription lenses, please note the lenses you ordered are special lenses with sports wrap geometry and require advanced digital fabrication which will take 4-7 additional days.

What If You Get My Prescription Wrong?

No worries at all. In the extremely rare case (less than 0.5%) we get your prescription wrong, you can return the item to us and we will give you a complete refund or replacement.

  • The world's best prescription sports glasses for kids and adults. With support for difficult and high prescription, astigmatism, prism and myopia.

    Temple (Glasses) Version

    "easy to put on and take off"

    Prescription sports glasses suited to most activities. Comfortable and safe, the Eyeguard temple version provides clear vision while looking stylish. Easy to put on and suitable for baseball, basketball, football and other athletic activities.

  • The number 1 prescription sports goggles for both children and adults. Available in many colors and sizes. Suitable for high prescription, astigmatism, prism and myopia.

    Strap (Goggles) Version

    "suitable for over or under helmets"

    Prescription sports goggles ideal for fitting over or under helmets and hats. Along with the Snowguard and Windguard attachment, the Eyeguard strap version is great for skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

PROGEAR Eyeguard sports glasses and sports goggles comes in many sizes and colors. Fits kids, teens and adults.

Happy Athletes

PROGEAR® Eyeguard has helped over 500,000 youth and adult athletes worldwide by enhancing and protecting their vision.

It will look great on YOU too!

PROGEAR Eyeguard sports glasses and sports goggles supports myopia, astigmatism and prism. Strong and difficult prescription is supported.

Tailored To You

Sports glasses tailored to fit your exact and full prescription needs. Frame and lenses geared for major contact sports including Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, and more. We specialize in strong and difficult prescription ranges (e.g +8 to -10), and we can also take care of astigmatism (cylinder) and prism at no extra costs.

  • The strongest and safest baseballl glasses. Rx-able, fits kids and adults.

    Certified & Trusted

    PROGEAR® EYEGUARD is the world's highest rated prescription sports glasses ever created. It passes all 3 international sports safety standards – ASTM F803 (USA), EN 166 (Europe) and JIS T8147.5.1d (Japan). 

  • Impact Test

    PROGEAR® is the only brand to reach the maximum level of 70 MPH impact resistance under the Sports Safety Compliance, making the Eyeguard eligible for Little League Baseball and Softball.

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Andrew Macintyre
Excellent service

Ordered my prescription sports glasses from the UK. Glasses were delivered ahead of timescale and very high quality / perfect vision. Very impressed. Would recommend.

David Bergey

I can now see the buoys as I slalom water ski

Stuart Adam
Professional and consultative

I was impressed at the way E-Optician sought to provide me the very best optical outcome. They took a deep interest in getting things just right. My new customer eyewear is impressive and I couldn’t be happier with it.