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PROGEAR® Electrostatic Sprayer

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PROGEAR® Electrostatic Sprayer

  • 1800 ml (1/2 gallon) bottle
  • 2200mAh battery (25min working time/3hrs recharge)
  • Atomization : 70 ml/min
  • Spray distance : 3 meter
  • Adjustable mist nozzle
  • Battery indicator

Directions For Use:

  1. Dispense 1 packet (0.5g) into the ½ gallon(1.8L) sprayer water bottle for a concentration of 150ppm, optimum for commercial or healthcare environments.  Dilute more(50-80ppm) for household.
  2. Shake well, ensure that the powder is fully dissolved in clean tap water(room temperature) before use.
  3. Turn on sprayer to mist over all surfaces and allow to dry.

Supplied in 0.5g packets of powder concentrate, dilute in ½ gallon (1.8L) sprayer water bottle to form 150ppm solution.  USA customers receive 6 packets (6 weeks usage), free($12.95 value), with sprayer purchase.  Refill via online store thereafter.

Dosage Reference:

  • 2,000 sq. ft. indoor space(e.g. office)
  • 5 min continuous misting, 0.1 gallon(380mL) at 150ppm, per day
  • 1 packet(0.5g) powder dissolved in sprayer bottle is designed for 5 days usage

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