With input from professional Triathletes and optical scientists, PROGEAR® Sportshades are designed to deliver true optical performance at every stage of any race, including transitions. The cutting edge PROGEAR® lens formula is customized to correct (Rx) and enhance your vision while multiple lens features, brought by combination of lens tints/materials/coatings, help athletes tackle adverse courses and weather conditions.

Built to Perform

Over 95% of cycling/running sunglasses in the market are not designed with proper geometry and field of view to help athletes perform at their best. PROGEAR® SPORTSHADE™ sunglasses are built to deliver superior optical performance and the perfect snug fit for casual and professional triathletes.


Direct Rx Lens Implant on Shield
No more clip-on, no more ghost shadow and blind spots. Crisp and clear all around.


16º Lens Angle Adjustment
Increased field of view and cater towards different cycling positions and modes.


It Adapts To Your Head
Created with a one-piece internal spring hinge, the glasses will hold onto your face with the right and comfortable amount of pressure.


Interchangeable Lens System
Compatible with plano sun-lenses, Rx sun or clear lenses, polarized and Transitions lenses.


Detachable Neoprene Headband
Built-in with washable Velcro fastener for easy adjustment.


Super Lightweight
Crafted in the most advanced TR90 super flexible shape memory polymer, chemical resistant, durable and featherlight. 

Customized Vision Correction

All Frames Are Prescription Rx Eligible


All PROGEAR® SPORTSHADES™ prescription sun-lenses are individually fabricated in our Advanced Digital Wave-front Technology Laboratory. Based on our proprietary mathematical model, each lens is digitally made to be optimized for your prescription, creating a distortion-FREE and wide field of vision. 


Premium Lens Upgrade

Digital Premium Progressive


Above and beyond other branded progressive lenses, our next generation digital progressive lenses offer a 40% wider field of vision, and with an improved transition between reading and distance zones. (Introductory offer from only $110, which includes FREE Anti-Reflective and Super Hydrophobic Coatings)

Upgrade to Transitions


Transitions lenses are fully clear indoors and intelligently changes from clear to dark when you go outdoors by continually optimizingthe amount of light your eyes receive. Upgrade to Transitions™ Signature® GEN8™ Lens for only $120 (Retail $179).

Perform at your best, always! 
PROGEAR® has helped over 500,000 youth and adult athletes worldwide by enhancing and protecting their vision.