the true vision

A new concept in eyewear -

FREE FORM EYEWEAR is a lifestyle eyewear brand that stands out through the combination of light weight frames, stylish design, explicit simplicity and an affordable price level for consumers who
place great value on innovation and convenience.

FREE FORM EYEWEAR shares the vision of innovative technology in harmony with the environment and the fast-paced city living. It is more than eyeglass frames.

FREE FORM EYEWEAR is a way of life that makes a difference.


Be responsible - 

FREE FORM Green collection defines the ultimate green concept in eyewear. Products made from recyclable or biodegradable materials may not be truly environment-friendly. However, the Green collection is environmentally responsible in every step from its origination, because it

- consumes the least material

- requires the fewest production steps

- is the first eyewear designed to minimize carbon footprint

- releases no toxic materials during production

Less is more - 

Comparison of manufacturing process: Free Form Green Eyeglass Frame vs. Conventional Eyeglass Frame


High quality material and innovative product design allow us to use the least amount of material 1) and the fewest number of production steps.2) As a result, the Green collection saves the environment and offers the consumer a comfortable, stylish and light weight eyewear.

Lens Option

Lens Options: Clear, Transitions(Gray/Brown)

More about lens options, click here

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