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PROGEAR EYEGUARD 為全球唯一運動防護眼鏡可同時通過三大國際標準(運動安全類目):  ASTM F803 (USA), EN 166 (Europe) and JIS T8147.5.1d (Japan).




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Look Cool · Be Safe 
全球 30萬用家親身感受,不論任何年齡和活動,PROGEAR 都能於防護同時適切地改善動態視力

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Here is what mum said "New Sports Specs 👌our little Pocket Rocket has had glasses since she was one, but since she doesn’t hold back on the court or field many of these have not made the distance or been comfortable to play in till now!!! We found the amazing!"

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“This was my first time using PROGEAR and they were a huge success!  Since using the goggles I can see better than ever and get more of the ball. It has also boosted my confidence when I'm playing." - Bronwen Bosley, Morphett Vale, SA.,SAWFL (South Australian Women's Football League, u/18s)

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