What Glasses Should I Wear For Basketball?

What Glasses Should I Wear For Basketball?

You should wear protective sports glasses.


Wearing standard prescription glasses to basketball is a bad idea. Since basketball is a contact sport, wearing normal glasses is a fast pass to injuries.


Your glasses could fall off as basketball requires a lot of quick movement and jumping. This could distract a player and interfere with their ability to perform well.


Normal glasses would break on impact. A collision with another player or the ball would result in broken frames and potentially, broken lenses. Wearing regular glasses while playing basketball puts both you and others at risk.


Woman holding a basketball wearing basketball sports goggles.

You should wear special glasses designed for basketball.


These glasses are designed to withstand hard impacts and give the player a clear vision. People with myopia, hyperopia, prism, and astigmatism can customize these goggles to fit their prescription.


Both non-prescription sports glasses and prescription sports glasses are in the market. If you prefer to wear contacts under your protection goggles you can do that.


Many athletes and opticians recommend prescription sports glasses because of all the functions.


In fact, there have been many famous basketball players that have worn sports goggles. For example, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Horace Grant and Kurt Rambis are all remembered for their pair of sports glasses.


Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to invest in prescription sports goggles:


1. Durability.

Protects you from physical injuries.

2. Tailored to you.

Provides you with the clearest vision possible to enhance performance.

3. UV Protection.

Harmful rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

4. Anti-Fog coating.

Every glasses wearer understands the struggle of fogged up glasses.

5. Comfort.

Prescription sports goggles are snug and won't move around when you're active.

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