Can I Wear Glasses While Playing Sports?

Can I Wear Glasses While Playing Sports?

In most situations, you should not wear glasses while playing sports.


It can be dangerous to wear glasses while playing a sport, as the glasses may fall off or break.


Especially in contact sports such as rugby, boxing, hockey, football, and lacrosse. Strong collisions and impacts will most definitely break both glass lenses and frames.


It is important not to wear glasses in sports that require lots of jumping or flipping. For example gymnastics, basketball, track and field, and cheerleading. Regular glasses are not suitable for these sports. as glasses would not stay positioned on the athlete's face.


You should wear contact lenses and glasses made for sports instead.


Both of these options will help correct your vision and stay put as you move around.


A pair of sports glasses can help you to see clearer, especially if you require a prescription.


It is important to see clearly when playing sports, and the use of prescription sports goggles can help.


However, contact lenses have a disadvantage. Contact lenses do not offer the same level of protection and safety that sports glasses do.


Additionally, running, cycling or even skiing with contact lenses can be uncomfortable. When exposed to wind, they tend to dry up, making your eyes sting and causing your vision to blur.


Investing in sport goggles is a good idea for many athletes.


Sports goggles are very durable and can protect your eyes from physical injuries. Typically, this applies to ball sports like basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer.

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