Can I Wear Contact Lenses In The Snow?

Can I Wear Contact Lenses In The Snow?

Wearing contact lenses in the winter may not be the best idea but it is totally doable.


Don't worry, your contact lenses can't and won't freeze in your eyes. For the most part it is safe to wear contacts in the winter, but it can get uncomfortable.


During winter, there is less humidity and the weather gets dry. This could make your contacts dry out. As a result you may feel discomfort and your vision will blur.


If this is an issue for you, you should look into contacts made for dry eyes. Additionally, it is helpful to have eye drops on hand for a quick fix.


Another helpful tip is to stay away from extreme dry climates. For example, try not to open your eyes when a cold gust of wind blows at you. And face away from heaters and fireplaces as they can draw moisture out of your eyes.


If you are doing winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, contact lenses can also cause great discomfort.


Woman wearing polarized sunglasses blowing snow at camera.

Some opticians suggest taking breaks from contacts and switching to glasses instead.


Cold weather also brings harsh UV rays. This is because snow reflects more light that is harmful to your eyes. It's important to protect your eyes from UV rays whenever you can.


A good solution is to use polarized sunglasses. This will shield your eyes from all UV rays and still keep your vision clear.


If for whatever reason you do not prefer sunglasses over contact lenses. You can also buy prescription polarized sunglasses. This allows you to customize the sunglasses to your exact prescription.

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