How Do I Keep My Sports Glasses From Fogging Up?

How Do I Keep My Sports Glasses From Fogging Up?

Use an Anti-Fog solution.


All glasses wearing athletes know the struggle of playing a sport with fogged up glasses. Whether it's football or basketball, a clear vision is very important.


Temperature difference causes glasses to fog up (inside goggle vs outside). The bigger the difference, the more it'll fog.


Humidity is also a huge contributor to fogging. High humidity levels will create water droplets on your sports goggles.


The heat and sweat you produce also factors into how much your glasses fog up.


Sports glasses do tend to fog more than other eyewear because they are very tight fitting. Since they are pushed up to your face, steam builds up and there isn't much air circulation.


PROGEAR® Anti-fog gel and wipes prevent your glasses from fogging up.

But don't worry, there are ways you can prevent your glasses from fogging up.


Most glasses already come with a coating of Anti-Fog technology. If this isn't enough for you, you can apply additional Anti-Fog solution to your lenses.


Anti-Fog solution can come in many forms, such as wipe on gels, liquid sprays or single-use wipes. 


Anti-Fog gel works exceptionally well and is safe on all lenses. One application can be enough to last for the whole day.


Anti-Fog wipes are easy to use and good to grab on the go since they usually come individually packaged.


If these solutions aren't fit for you, you can try these.


1. Change your sports goggles so they fit your face better.
2. Position your glasses further away from your face.
3. Avoid drastic temperature differences.

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