PROGEAR anti-fog solutions put an end to pandemic blindness

PROGEAR anti-fog solutions put an end to pandemic blindness

Foggy glasses have always been a problem for the bespectacled, but they've never intruded on life more than during the pandemic. PROGEAR's Anti-Fog Gel and Anti-Fog Wipes ensure a clear view without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Over the past year, most of us will have become all too familiar with the problem of hot, moist breath escaping out the top of a face mask being directed straight up behind your glasses, laser-targeted to fog up your glasses, blur your vision and send you walking into telephone poles on the street. De-fogging solutions have long been an essential part of life if you wear glasses, but not all are created equal.

Most don't list their ingredients, and many use per- and polyflouroalkyl substances (commonly known as PFAS) in their formula. These chemicals are non-biodegradable and accumulate over time in both the environment and the body, where they are linked to a range of negative health outcomes for humans, including increased cholesterol levels, low infant birth rates, immune system effects, cancers and thyroid hormone disruption.

PROGEAR has been making prescription eyewear for sportspeople for more than a decade, so it knows a thing or two about dealing with foggy lenses. The company now offers an anti-fogging solution that guarantees it uses no PFAS or alcohol in its formulation, and lists its ingredients on the pack.


It's available in convenient, single-use wipes, or as a gel you can apply with a lens cloth. Both last up to 24 hours per application, and are safe for all lens materials and coatings, including sunglasses, multifocals and multi-coated lenses. Both take just 10-15 seconds to dry, and then you're free to get on with pandemic life, masked up but fog free.

PROGEAR's anti-fog lens cleaning wipes are available online now for US$9.95 for a box of 30. The anti-fog gel gives you 100+ applications for US$10.95. Shipping in the US and UK is 2-6 business days, or 8-15 days in Canada.


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