Can I Wear Glasses To Soccer?

Can I Wear Glasses To Soccer?

No, you should not wear glasses when playing soccer.

Wearing regular glasses to soccer is a bad idea because it can be easy to get injured. When you wear normal glasses to soccer you are putting yourself and others in danger.


This is because glasses may slide down or even fall off while the player is moving around. Mispositioned glasses cause distorted vision which could affect the players performance.


Good vision is vital to playing well which is why it is recommended to have a pair of prescription sports glasses.


Since soccer is a contact sport, there are many casualties such as falls and crashes. These injuries are bad on their own but by wearing glasses you can make these injuries that much worse. For example a collision to your face can result in broken glasses. A broken frame of lense can be sharp enough to cause serious injuries, like the loss of eyesight.


PROGEAR® Eyeguard is the best and safety prescription sports goggle on the market.

Wear prescription sports goggles or contact lenses instead.


Solutions include contact lenses and prescription sports glasses. Both of these options will help correct your vision and stay put as you move around.


Many opticians would suggest prescription sport goggles over contact lenses. Sports goggles are very durable and can protect your eyes from physical injuries.

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