Can I Go Swimming With Glasses?

Can I Go Swimming With Glasses?

No, you should not go swimming with glasses.


While it is always helpful to know where you are swimming, wearing glasses in the pool is never a good idea.


Regular prescription glasses are not designed to be worn in the water. Glasses can break or easily fall off while you're swimming and you could lose them.


Additionally, glasses do not protect your eyes from the chlorine and bacteria. This can be dangerous and lead to eye infections.


However, swimming without glasses if you do need vision correction can be hazardous. If you don't know where you're going you put yourself and others at risk.


Despite what some may say, swimming with contact lenses is also a bad idea.


Swimming with contact lenses will cause a series of problems. Eye infections and irritation are among the most common issues. More serious issues such as corneal ulcers could result in permanent sight loss.


PROGEAR® H2O is a prescription swimming goggle that is tailored to you.

Instead, you should look into prescription swimming goggles.


Perfect for astigmatism, prism, myopia, hyperopia, and precise vision. These goggles allow you to customize each side individually to your exact prescription. Prescription swimming goggles are the key to keeping contaminants out while enjoying a clear vision.

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