Are Cycling Glasses Necessary?

Are Cycling Glasses Necessary?

Yes, cyclists should all wear cycling glasses.

Not only do these glasses protect your eyes from harmful UV sun rays, but they also keep out glare. All cyclists understand the importance of having a clear and crisp view of the road ahead.


When traveling at high speed, it is important to keep your eyes shielded to block out wind. Wind can dry out your eyes and cause extreme discomfort, which may lead to a blurry vision.


Additionally, cycling glasses keep dirt, debris, rain, and bugs out your eyes.


Cyclists should wear cycling glasses year round, even in the winter when the sun isn’t out. In fact, UV exposure can be higher in the winter.


Cycling glasses are still necessary if you have prescription glasses.

Standard glasses are not suitable for this type of activity as they aren’t created for this purpose. Biking glasses are very durable, built to withstand hard collisions and falls.


However, if you do need vision correction you can buy prescription cycling glasses. Which have all the same features as regular cycling glasses. For example; UV protection, polarization, and many tint color options.

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